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Tire Sales and Service

At Harmar Tire And Service we sell a lot of tires. Not nearly as many as other tire shops or big box stores. Why is this important? If they’re selling lots of tires they don’t have time for proper tire installation and wheel balancing because they’re too busy! Overworked equipment and untrained employees don’t help either; Hammering on your lug nuts with impact guns, for example. We pride ourselves on expert installation and proper wheel balancing using the wheel nut holes and hand torquing wheel nuts gives you the best service and ride quality for your new tires.

All tires sold come with a FREE tire maintenance package. This includes FREE repairs, FREE wheel balancing and FREE tire rotations for the life of the tire ONLY at Harmar Tire and Service. This is a great service that our customers take advantage of due to our Fast, Friendly Service!

We sell a lot of different brands of tires; our goal is to find the best tire for your vehicle. All tires aren’t created equal especially on specialty vehicles like trucks, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. Buying tires based on price isn’t always a good option. We look at your vehicle type and its main usage to offer a good, better, best option based on mileage warranty, vehicle usage, and price. We find that most customers are happy with the best tire for the money. They usually don’t want the most expensive or the cheapie tires either.

We have partnered with Continental, Cooper, Falken, General and GT Radial tires. We are your areas local tire dealer to sell and service these brands. We sell most brands we want to sell what works best for you and your budget!

Please stop by, call at 412-828-TIRE (8473) or email us to discuss which tire options are best for your vehicle.

We are a TECHNET shop that offers an awesome nationwide tire road hazard plan. If your tire is non-repairable within the 1st year a new tire is FREE! Regardless of miles or wear! The 2nd year it’s 50% off and the 3rd year it’s 25% off the cost of a new tire. The cost is 10% of each tire.

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Wheel Alignments

We also offer a great wheel alignment service using the Hunter Hawkeye Elite wheel alignment system. It uses 4 lasers to correctly measure the position of each wheel with super-precise measurements for a better more accurate wheel alignment.

Not sure if you need a wheel alignment? We will gladly do a free wheel alignment check with any new tire purchase to show you exactly how each wheel is facing going down the road.

Most people relate wheel alignment to tire wear and not safety. When your wheels are out of alignment, they’re fighting each other going down the road. Consider this, if you had to turn your steering wheel quickly and slam on your brakes. How well does your steering, brakes, and tires work together to avoid a possible accident? Not nearly as well as they should, or stop in heavy rain or snow if your wheels are out of alignment?